The next Meeting of the Parish Council will take place on TUESDAY 21st SEPTEMBER 2021 at 7.00 p.m. at the Shuttleworth Hall, Egloshayle.

Yours sincerely
J.L. Pomeroy
Clerk & RFO to the Parish Council

1. To receive apologies for absence.
2. Declaration of Interests/Dispensation Request
3. Public Session

4. To confirm Minutes of the Meeting held on Tuesday 17th August 2021.

5. To consider matters arising from the last meeting:
(a) King Georges Field
(b) NHP
(c) Red, White & Blue Planting Area.
(d) Community Network Meeting – report
(e) Sladesbridge Footpath overgrowth.

6. St. Conans Church

7. Planning Notices :
PA20/10911 -Trevarner Development Summary - ciculated


8. Payment of Accounts –
See Clean - Bus Shelter Maintenance - £108.60
Glendale Grounds - Grass Cutting £360.00
Shuttleworth Hall - Hire £30.00
J.L. Pomeroy - Clerks Salary/Expenses t.b.c.
H.M.R.C. – PAYE t.b.c.

9. Correspondence Received: as circulated
(a) Egloshayle Cemetery – Meeting 21, 22 or 25 October
(b) ………………………

10. To approve the date of the next meeting on Tuesday the 19th October 2021.

11. Items for the next meeting: -.