The next Meeting of the Parish Council will take place on TUESDAY 15th FEBRUARY 2022 at 7.00 p.m. at the Shuttleworth Hall, Egloshayle.

Yours sincerely
J.L. Pomeroy
Clerk & RFO to the Parish Council

1. To receive apologies for absence.
2. Declaration of Interests/Dispensation Request
3. Public Session

4. To confirm Minutes of the Meeting held on Tuesday 18th January 2022.

5. To consider matters arising from the last meeting:
(a) NHP
(b) Landmark Tree
(c) Parish Dinner

6. Planning Notices :
PA21/10543 – Bozion Barton Washaway – Landscape works – approved by C.C.
PA22/00938 – Trevarner Mill – Certificate of Lawful Development.

7. Payment of Accounts –
See Clean - Bus Shelter Maintenance - £43.80
Shuttleworth Hall - Hire 15/2/22 £30.00
Shuttleworth Hall - Hire 2/2/22 £30.00

8. Correspondence Received: as circulated &
(a) Hingham Bridlepath
(b) LMP 2022/23
(c) Egloshayle Village Defribrillator.
(d) Agency Agreement Grass Cutting
(e) Pensions Regulator

9. To approve the date of the next meeting on Tuesday the 15th March 2022.

10. Items for the next meeting: -.