The next Meeting of the Parish Council will take place at the Shuttleworth Memorial Hall
On TUESDAY 20th November 2018 at 7.30 p.m

Yours sincerely
J.L. Pomeroy
Clerk to the Parish Council
1. To receive apologies for absence.
2. Declaration of Interests/Dispensation Requests

3. Public Session –

4. To confirm Minutes of the Meeting held on Tuesday 16th October 2018.

5. To consider matters arising from the last meeting:
(a) NHP – update
(b) Bramble Lane Footpath
(c) BT/Parish Phone Box – Refurbishment costs.
(d) Barclays Mandate
(e) WTC/EPC –Planning Review Meeting Gonvena/Bodieve
(f) Parish Dinner.


6. To review Planning Notices –
Nice Baps – A39 - Street Trading Licence renewal – for comment.
PA18/07622 – Park Farmhouse Washaway – conversion – approved by C.C.
PA18/02911 – Lower Burlorne – Revised submission and subsequent support with tree protection provision in consultation with Officers recommendation.

7. Annual Precept 2019/20

8. Payment of Accounts
(a) SeeClean - Bus Shelter Maintenance £97.80
(b) Glendale Grounds - Grasscutting. £360.00
(c) Wadebridge Town Council - Cemetery contribution £481.80
(d) Paul Solomon - Footpath Mtce t.b.c.
9. Correspondence Received:
(a) C.C. Consultation Draft Housing Policy – circulated.
(b) Planning Newsletter – circulated.
(c) NHP Bulletin - circulated
(d) Town & Parish Newsletter – circulated.
(e) W & P Community Network Meeting – 29/11/18 – circulated.

10. To approve the date of the next meeting on Tuesday the 18th December 2018 at 7.30 p.m

11. Items for the next meeting: -.