Minutes of the Meeting held Virtually on Tuesday 20th October 2020 at 7.00 p.m.
Cllrs Davey (Chairman), Collis, Eddy, Howard, Nicholas, Oram, Varcoe & Warne & CClrs. Knightley & Moorcroft.
Apologies – Cllrs Baker & Hurst.
65. Declaration of Interests/Dispensation Requests. – None

66. Public Session - Cllr Knightley reported on highway issues and the Leisure Centre within Wadebridge Town and would speak to Oliver Jones concerning the request for double white lines at Croan Bends, which needed re-instating. Cllr Moorcroft mentioned his and Cllr Knightleys joint Facebook page to impove communication with local residents. He also referred to the positive improvement of Molesworth Street which had received overwhelming support from the public. The CGR had not entirely been resolved locally and a decision relating to Wadebridge T.C. & St. Breock boundary would wait until next May. The WTC and Egloshayle boundary proposal had been supported.
Cllr Nicholas mentioned the speed camera at Bodieve and Cllr Davey confirmed a further location at Sladesbridge for the camera which would be moved regularly between six local sites.
Cllr Varcoe mentioned the recent Government Planning White Paper which was out for consultation and would copy the Chairman with information he had prepared personally.

67. Minutes of the Previous Meeting
Resolved that Minutes of the Meeting on Tuesday 15th September 2020 be approved as a correct record.
Proposed Cllr Collis & seconded Cllr Howard.
68. Matters Arising
(a) NHP/CGR – The Chairman had been in continued contact with WTC & St. Breock Councils with the result that St. Breock were willing to move forward, seeking the Consultants report promised in June, although not necessarily being able to ratify matters once documents received. They consider they have a duty to their Parishioners relating to responses regarding Rowan Road and the CGR. It had been agreed that the Chairmen of both St. Breock and Egloshayle Parishes would prepare a letter, to be sent to WTC and Sarah Furley and the Senior Planning Officers detailing where matters have gone wrong in the NHP process, resulting in the lack of progress. Deadlines had been passed with the risk that C.C. could takeover. This letter will be circulated to Councillors. Cllr Knightley also offered his support.

69. Planning Notices
PA20/07817 – Sandylands – non material amendment – approved by C.C.
PA20/07253 - Higher Trenant – non material amendment – approved by C.C.
70. Payment of Accounts
Ratification of payments made under delegated lockdown powers and each authorised by two Councillors :
Glendale Grounds - Grass Cutting - £360.00
See Clean - Bus Shelter Maintenance - £43.80
Impress51 - Website Compliance Update - £60.00
71. Correspondence Received
(a) David Clark – update email received re development proposal.
(b) Trevorder Footpath – Clerk had reported issues.
(c) Sladesbridge footpath surfacing starting 16/11/20 – Clerk to report vegetation growth.
(d) C.C. Monthly Briefing Meetings
(e) Dog Bins Sladesbridge –Clerk to seek additional bin site.

72. Date of the next Meeting
Agreed next meeting on TUESDAY 17th November 2020 at 7.00 p.m.

73. Items for next Meeting

There being no further business the Chairman closed the Meeting at 19.55 p.m.