Minutes of the Meeting held Virtually on Tuesday 17th November 2020 at 7.00 p.m.
Cllrs Davey (Chairman), Collis, Eddy, Howard, Nicholas, Oram, Varcoe, Warne & C.C.s Knightley & Moorcroft .
Apologies – Cllrs Baker & Hurst.
74. Declaration of Interests/Dispensation Requests. – None

75. Public Session – Cllr Knightley referred to processing delays within the C.C. Planning Dept and advised the Bodieve application had now been submitted. He and Cllr Moorcroft referred to town issues including the re-siting of the Defib on the Platt and the unsatisfactory provision of Post Office facilities within the town. Cllr Knightley would contact Oliver Jones again about the missing double white lines at Croan Bends.
76. Minutes of the Previous Meeting
Resolved that Minutes of the Meeting on Tuesday 20th October 2020 be approved as a correct record.
Proposed Cllr Varcoe & seconded Cllr Collis.
77. Matters Arising
(a) NHP – Cllrs had been circulated with copy correspondence already sent from St. Breock P.C. to both C.C. & W.T.C. This prompted lengthy discussion and the Chairman confirmed his intention to attempt mediation between both parties, concerning the CGR proposals which in turn effectively had stopped the NHP due process. Cllrs agreed that the CGR situation, which may not be decided until mid 2021, should make no difference to the NHP process. It was agreed the Chairman would prepare a suitable letter confirming the Parish Council`s wish to push forward with the next stage of the NHP as soon as possible, with access to the Consultants report which should have been available last June.
(b) CGR – email had been received from C.C. requesting details of any implications as a result of the agreed Trenant boundary revision. The Clerk will respond advising minor adjustments to the Local Maintenance Partnership and Grass Cutting contracts. In addition clarification would be required concerning Higher Trenant S106 agreements relating to traffic management & improvements and possible C.I.L. payments.
(c) Sladesbridge Dog Bin – no new bin sites but existing bins would gradually be replaced with dual purpose type.
(d) Sladesbridge Footpath – reasons for delay circulated due to traffic management but works promised before financial year end.
(e) St. Breock Wind Farm – Cllr Nicholas reported review of funding due to Covid 19, with emergency grant application forms now available and decided by each Parish representatives
78. Planning Notices
PA20/06478 – Trelawney Halt Sladesbridge – change of use – approved by C.C.
Licence Notification – Nice Baps – A39 Layby – renewal request. – reports had been received of some encroachment on to the adjoining grass verge and it had been mentioned that outside seating areas should be removed due to current Covid 19 restrictions. Response accordingly.
79. Payment of Accounts
Ratification of payments made under delegated lockdown powers and each authorised by two Councillors :
(a) SeeClean - Bus Shelter Maintenance £43.80
(b) Glendale Grounds - Grasscutting. £360.00

80. Correspondence Received
(a) Census 2021 - circulated
(b) Positive Planning Conference 26/11/20 – Cllr Varcoe to attend virtually.
(c) Annual Precept 2021/22 – information circulated to Councillors with outline Budget/Projections, indicating decision at our December meeting. Potential election costs not yet received from C.C.

81. Date of the next Meeting
Agreed next meeting on TUESDAY 15th December 2020 at 7.00 p.m

82. Items for next Meeting – 1. Precept

There being no further business the Chairman closed the meeting at 20.30 p.m.