Minutes of the Meeting held Virtually on Tuesday 16th March 2021 at 7.00 p.m.

Cllrs Davey (Chairman), Baker, Collis, Eddy, Howard, Nicholas, Oram, Varcoe, Warne & C.Clrs Knightley, Moorcroft & Mould.

Apologies – none

22. Declaration of Interests/Dispensation Requests. – none

23.Public Session - Reports from Cllrs Knightley & Moorcroft on various highway initiatives within Wadebridge, together with the recent County Award to Andy Lyle of Concern Wadebridge.

24. Minutes of the Previous Meeting
Resolved that Minutes of the Meeting on Tuesday 16th February 2021 be approved as a correct record.
Proposed Cllr Collis & seconded Cllr Varcoe.

25. Matters Arising
(a) King Georges Field – Site Meeting pending arrangements with EA.
(b) NHP – no response from Wadebridge Town Council and the Chairman to request copy of latest Consultants report via Cornwall Council who had funded the report.

26. Planning Notices -

PA21/01141 – Land off Higher Trenant – Reserved matters (duplicate of PA20/10911) - Councillors confirmed their original response under PA20/10911 and noted the latest responses submitted by both the Tree Officer and the Countryside Access Team.

PA20/09912 - Land at Bodieve – OPP for residential development – following contact from the Planning Officer a request had been submitted for this application to go to Committee for a decision. It was noted that due to Purdah a Committee could not take place for some months despite issues raised.

27. Payment of Accounts
(a) See Clean - Bus Shelter Maintenance £43.80
(b) J.L. Pomeroy - Salary/Expenses(Jan to March) £832.07
(c) HMRC - PAYE £207.60
Proposed by Cllr Howard & seconded by Cllr Collis. Agreed.
The Clerk confirmed annual VAT reclaim had been submitted.
It was anticipated that the annual contribution to Wadebridge Town Council Cemetery was expected shortly and it was proposed by Cllr Varcoe and seconded by Cllr Oram that this was paid subject to verification by the Chairman and Clerk before the account year end. Agreed.

28. Correspondence Received
As circulated during lockdown and
(a) Cornwall Council -Grass Cutting Contract continuance – Proposed Cllr Howard & seconded Cllr Eddy. Agreed.
(b) Glendale re Grass Cutting Contract continuance – Proposed Cllr Varcoe & seconded Cllr Collis. Agreed.
(c) Wadebridge & Padstow Community Network Meeting – 11/3/21 – C. Cllrs gave a brief report.
(d) Local Election - the Clerk had received the Application forms and gave a brief outline of procedures with deadline of April 8th for personal submission by appointment. He would contact Councillors in the next two days.
(e) Climate Change Emergency – Cllr Varcoe referred to a submission he could prepare and circulate to Councilors for agreement. Agreed.
29. Code of Conduct
Standing Order 17(k) suspended for this item and Cllr Baker & Cornwall Councillors left the Meeting.

30. Date of the next Meeting
Agreed next Virtual meeting on TUESDAY 20th April 2021 at 7.00 p.m.

31. Items for next Meeting – .
(a)The Clerk referred to recent information regarding the legality or otherwise of future Virtual Meetings and the Annual Parish Meeting.


There being no further business the Chairman closed the Meeting at 20.45 p.m.