Minutes of the Meeting held at Shuttleworth Hall Egloshayle on Tuesday 15th May 2018 at 7.00 p.m.

Cllrs Davey (Chairman), Baker, Collis, Eddy, Howard, Hurst, Nicholas, Oram, Warne & C.Clr McHugh, Cllr Mitchell Mayor of Wadebridge and Angela Warwick Situ8 representative from Developers re Gonvena/Bodieve.

Apologies – Cllrs. Knightley & Varcoe.
466. Election of Chairman
Proposed by Cllr Eddy and seconded by Cllr Nicholas that Cllr Davey be elected. Agreed.

467. Election of Vice Chairman
Proposed by Cllr Warne and seconded by Cllr Nicholas that Cllr Collis be elected. Agreed.

468. Election of representatives
(a) Footpaths Officer – Proposed by Cllr Warne and seconded by Cllr Eddy that Cllr Baker be elected. Agreed.
(b) Neighbourhood Plan – Proposed by Cllr Warne and seconded by Cllr Howard that Cllrs Collis & Varcoe be elected. Agreed.
(c) Camel Trail Partnership – Proposed by Cllr Baker and seconded by Cllr Eddy that the Clerk (current Chairman) be elected. Agreed.

469. Public Session
The Chairman was pleased to welcome the new Mayor of Wadebridge to the Meeting. Cllr McHugh wished to place on record thanks to Cllrs Collis and Varcoe for their contribution to the NHP. She then gave a brief update on C.C. matters with particular relevance to the Wadebridge area.
The representative from Situ8 on behalf of the proposed developers for Gonvena/Bodieve advised that they had agreed delegated refusal for the Gonvena (PA17/03837) application with a separate PreApp likely in the future for Trevilling access. With regard to PA17/03835 this would stand alone and support had been received to date from S.W. Water, Highways, Education etc. Proposed road layout/access schemes A & B were explained and handouts given to Councellors.
470. Minutes of the Previous Meeting
Resolved that Minutes of the Meeting on Tuesday 17th April 2018 be approved as a correct record.
Proposed Cllr Collis & seconded Cllr Warne.

471. Declarations of Interests/Dispensation Requests. None

472.Matters Arising
(a) NHP – Cllr Collis confirmed the consultation ended on 11th May , with good questions and interaction and 300 visitors. There were 70 statutory consultees and there would now follow approx 6 weeks of analysis, with the help of Consultants.
(b) Footpaths – no report pending C.C. response.
(c) General Data Protection & D.C.O. - further N.A.L.C. guidance awaited.
(d) Speed Checks Sladesbridge & Bodieve/ Community Speed Watch – discussed with schemes needed for both the Bodmin side of Sladesbridge and also through Bodieve. The Community Network Highways Scheme was a possibility with support from local C.Cllrs and alternatively it may be purely Parish funded. The Clerk to initiate an Expression of Interest Form via Anna Druce and also seek support from Cllr Knightley.




473. Planning Notices
PA17/02756 – PreApp – Land at Bodieve for mixed use – closed 23/04/18
PA18/03480 – Works to Trees – Pencarrow – supported by Parish.

PA17/03835 – Land North of Wadebridge F.C. further review by Councillors noting previous comments submitted. Councillors referred to previous detailed responses in August and December 2017.
30% affordable housing must be fixed and not subject to future negotiation. Of the two proposed road layouts it was agreed that Option A was the better way forward, subject to a road section being taken out where the road joins the existing road at a proposed roundabout outside Bodieve village. This would ensure the residential development did not become a separate link road to Rock. A busy road with heavy vehicles was not an option through a residential development. Councillors confirmed their previous view that a new link road was essential but should be in line with the proposals within the emerging Neighbourhood Plan i.e..north of Ball roundabout and the A39.

The Log Box A39 Enforcement update – no action proposed. The Clerk advised that enforcement notices etc would no longer be published by C.C..

474. Payment of Accounts
(a) See Clean - Bus Shelter Maintenance £43.80
(b) Glendale – Grass Cutting £360.00
(c) Zurich Insurance - Insurance Renewal £257.60
Proposed Cllr Oram and seconded Cllr Howard. Agreed.

475. Correspondence Received
(a) Local Maintenance Contractor – it was proposed by Cllr Eddy and seconded by Cllr Nicholas that the Clerk approach Paul Solomon to undertake work as in previous years with the same cutting regime. Agreed.
(b) Planning Newsletter April - circulated
(c) Camel Valley Forest Plan – circulated.
(d) Police & Crime Commissioner newsletter – circulated.
(e) Neighbourhood Plan Newsletter – circulated
(f) AONB Consultation – circulated for comment and it was proposed by Cllr Nicholas and seconded by Cllr Hurst that the Clerk respond to the consultation supporting retention of NPPF 115 & 116 existing wording. Agreed.
(g) Localism Newsletter – circulated.
(h) Community Network Panel April Minutes – circulated.
(i) Community Network Highways Scheme

476. Date of the next Meeting
Agreed next meeting on TUESDAY 19th June 2018 at 7.30 p.m.

477. Items for next Meeting : -

There being no further business the Chairman closed the meeting at 20.30 p.m.