Minutes of the Meeting held at Shuttleworth Hall Egloshayle on Tuesday 11th December 2018 at 7.30 p.m.

Cllrs Davey (Chairman), Baker, Collis, Eddy, Howard, Nicholas, Oram, Varcoe, Warne & C.C.Knightley

Apologies – Cllr Hurst.

533. Declaration of Interests/Dispensation Requests. – None.

534. Public Session - Cllr Knightley referred to the anticipated Cornwall Council Budget proposals and general matters relating to planning.

535. Minutes of the Previous Meeting
Resolved that Minutes of the Meeting on Tuesday 20th November be approved as a correct record. Proposed Cllr Varcoe & seconded Cllr Oram.

536. Matters Arising
(a) NHP – The Chairman referred to two recent meetings with the aim of taking the NHP forward, Minutes yet to be received. Full support, both admin and financial, was indicated by C.C. officials and it seemed unlikely that a further Reg.14 consultation would be necessary in view of revised boundaries being considered. To date there were 315 completions and 500 commitments out of the 1100 housing stock target.
Further Meeting with Wadebridge and St Breock representatives in early January.
(b) Ball Roundabout – General Maintenance – Cllr Eddy to contact Blue Diamond for further information.
(c) Barclays Mandate – Forms received from Cllrs Nicholas, Oram and Warne.
(d) Model Standing Orders – Proposed by Cllr Varcoe and seconded by Cllr Baker to amend as follows:
Sect.3 “normally to be held on the third Tuesday of each month.
Insert additional after Sect 20 “ Sect 21 At the Chairmans discretion and with the agreement of the Council, a member of the public may be invited to answer questions on matters of fact relating to the item under consideration by the Council at that point on the agenda where the matter is being discussed”. Agreed.
(e) W & P Community Network Panel Meeting 29/11/18 – the Clerk had attended and gave a report relating to forthcoming C.C. Budget, Recycling and Police matters. Anna Druce would shortly be leaving to head the Newquay CNP but hoped to continue as liaison for our own NHP.
(f) Annual Precept – When reviewing the submission to C.C. the Precept proposal for 2019/20 was incorrect on the basis of paperwork circulated and should have read £6500 and not £5500. The higher figure allowing for contingencies and estimated annual expenditure. It was therefore proposed by Cllr Eddy and seconded by Cllr Howard that the Precept be set at £6500 being £250 more than 2018/19. Agreed.
(g) Street Trading Licence A39– The Licensing Dept had yet to formally respond following recent media misinformation, together with a copy of the current licence.
537. Planning Notices
PA18/08846 – Tregleath Meadow – Worshop Extension – approved by C.C.
PA18/10697 – 4 Bess Park – change of use – supported by the Parish Council.
PA18/11389 – Land at Treworder Lane – Conversion Agricultural Bldg to Dwelling – Supported as stated in original application response of 17/12//14 but Parish Council would expect to see use of natural materials in order to blend in with rural location, proposing natural stone finish and timber windows.

538. Payment of Accounts
(a) SeeClean - Bus Shelter Maintenance £43.80
(b) SLCC - Annual Subscription £76.00
(c) Solomon - Footpath Mtce not received.
(d) J.L.Pomeroy - Salary/Expenses £518.04
(e) HMRC - PAYE £128.20

Proposed by Cllr Baker & seconded by Cllr Oram. Agreed.


539. Correspondence Received
(a) C.C.- Christmas Period Waste Collections – circulated.
(b) WREN Newsletter – circulated.
(c) Neighbourhood Plan E-Bulletin – circulated.
(d) Boundary Commission final proposals.
(e) Bridlepath 12 – closure notice pending tree safety clearance
(f) Footpath overgrowth adjacent to Travis Perkins. Chairman to make contact.

540. Date of the next Meeting
Agreed next meeting on TUESDAY 15th January 2019 at 7.30 p.m.

541. Items for next Meeting – Parish Dinner 23/2/19

There being no further business the Chairman closed the meeting at 21.00 p.m.